Craigie Crushed

Nov 14, 2014

Kerryjane Craigie Kerryjane Craigie hasn’t been sat down long, but in Level 1, she’s lost a big hand to bring her stack down to half average early in the day.

Kerryjane was one of three players calling 1,100 after the dealer fanned [2s2hTh] and checked to the aggressor, Daniel Thackray, on the turn of [5s]. Only Kerryjane called his 3,000 bet. On the river of [8c], Craigie checked to Thackray, who bet 7,000. She eventually called, and Thackray turned over [2d6d] for flopped trip deuces.

Kerryjane mucked her hand, and drops down to around 17,000. It’s still plenty of big blinds, but not the ideal start.

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