Current Big Stacks at a Glance

May 27, 2023

Vamerdino Magsakay continues to apply pressure against shorter stacks, getting a three-bet jam through as his opponent folds ace-ten face-up.

Ngoc Anh Cao is not far behind on the feature table and wins a pot without showdown when betting the Club ASpade JClub 6Heart JDiamond 7 river for 50,000.

Ta Son Tung bets the same amount on the four-way turn of Spade 8Heart 7Diamond 4Diamond 5 and his three opponents all let go, as Tung flashes the Diamond ADiamond 6 for the straight and nut flush draw.

Vamerdino Magsakay – 670,000
Ngoc Anh Cao – 625,000
Ta Son Tung – 500,000

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