Curt Kohlberg Doubles Thru David Pham

Dec 8, 2022

Curt KohlbergPhoto:  Curt Kohlberg

Lars Kamphues opens to 10,000 in the hijack, David Pham three-bets to 38,000 from the small blind, Curt Kohlberg four-bets all in for 62,000 in the big blind, Kamphues folds, and Pham calls.

Pham:  Spade QDiamond Q
Kohlberg:  Spade ADiamond A

The flop comes Heart QSpade JDiamond 2, giving Pham the lead with a set of queens.

The turn is the Heart 9, keeping Pham ahead.

The river is the Club A, giving Kohlberg a set of aces to double up.

Curt Kohlberg  –  138,000  (28 bb)
David Pham  –  113,000  (23 bb)

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