Curt Kohlberg Eliminated by in 48th Place by Jimmy Lee

Feb 23, 2017

On the last hand before dinner break, Lu Zhang opens to 20,000 and Jimmy Lee three-bets to 40,000. Curt Kohlberg moves all in for 74,000 and James Joyner calls all in for his final 26,000.

Zhang folds after a brief debate and Lee calls with a chance for the double knockout.

Joyner: Diamond 5Club 3
Lee: Spade JClub J
Kohlberg: Spade 10Club 10

Lee is in great position but Joyner catches a piece of the Spade KDiamond 9Spade 3 flop then moves ahead on the Diamond 3 turn. The Club 7 river sends the main pot to Joyner with trips, Lee picks up the side pot with jacks, and Kohlberg is eliminated in 48th place.

James Joyner – 106,000 (13 bb)
Jimmy Lee – 666,000 (83 bb)
Curt Kohlberg – Eliminated in 48th Place (CAD $9,723)

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