Curt Kohlberg Out in 26th Place ($35,530)

Mar 12, 2015

Curt Kohlberg

There are quite a few chips in the pot already and the board reads 8spade6spade10heartAspade when Curt Kohlberg (pictured) checks, Peter Tran bets around 75,000, and Kohlberg check-raises all in for around 350,000 total.

Tran calls, tabling Jspade9spade for a flush, while Kohlberg shows 10club10spade for a set of tens.

The river brings the 3diamond and the flush holds to eliminate Kohlberg and increase Tran’s chip-leading stack.

Peter Tran  –  2,276,000  (228 bb)
Curt Kohlberg  –  Eliminated in 26th Place  ($35,530)

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