"Cuz" is Cruising Early

May 17, 2024

Steve BucknerPhoto: Steve Buckner

About 8,000 is in the pot with a completed board of Club 9Diamond 7Diamond 3Club 2Diamond 6 as Steve “Cuz” Buckner bets 7,000 from the small blind.

Buckner’s opponent in the big blind thinks briefly but folds his hand.

Buckner shows Diamond 10Club 8  for the win.

“No more showing, too many pros at the table,” comments Buckner after the hand. Buckner’s table includes WPT Champions Club member Tony Sinishtaj to his immediate left.

Buckner tells us about an earlier hand where he also rivered a straight with the Spade 9Spade 8 to earn a more sizable pot. The combination sees “Cuz” over two starting stacks already.

Steve Buckner – 103,000 (343 bb)

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