Daher and Rybin Clash

Sep 6, 2014

The top two from last year have just butted heads again.

Daher opens to 1,000, from early position, a player in late position flats, and Alexey Rybin makes it 2,800 from the cutoff.

“How many blues do you have?” Daher asks.

“Five.” Says Rybin.

Daher makes the call, as does the third player in the hand.

The action checks to the turn on a board of [Qc] [9h] [4h] [6s], Daher bets 4,000 and both players call. The river is the [4c], Daher bets 6,500, the player in late position folds, and Rybin makes the call.

Daher shows pocket jacks and Rybin’s hand goes into the muck.

Daher ~ 95,000

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