Daher Bluffing the Wrong Pot

Sep 6, 2014

Albert Daher has not had the best start to his second WPT Cyprus experience.

“I just can’t hit a flop. I have played every single hand, and cannot hit a flop,” he told us during the break.

Here’s another one he missed.

Daher opens with a standard raise and there is one caller from the hijack seat. The flop is [Jd] [Th] [6h], Daher bets 600 and the hijack calls. The turn card is the [Td], Daher bets 1,400, and once again his opponent calls. The river is the [Kh], Daher bets 4,400 and there is an instant call.

“I have ace high.” Says Daher.

His opponent also has an ace, except this one has a ten with it to give him trips.

Daher is now down to 20,000.

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