Daher Widens His Range

Sep 7, 2014

Albert Daher opens to 2,500 in first position, Igor Dubinskyy flats in the cutoff, as does Andrey Pateychuk in the big blind.

Flop: [Ah] [8h] [4s]

The action checks to Daher, who bets 3,500, and both players call.

Turn: [9d]

Pateychuk decides to lead for 7,800 and only Daher calls.

River: [Qd]

Both players check.

“I just hope you don’t have ace-nine,” says Daher before showing [8c] [4c] for two pair.

Pateychuk flashes an ace as his cards go into the muck.

Daher ~ 165,000
Pateychuk ~ 114,000
Dubinskyy ~ 120,000

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