Dan Colman Takes One Out

Dec 5, 2017

Daniel Colman

Ray Qartomy raises to 450 from middle position, Dan Colman (pictured) three-bets to 1,800 from the button, the player in the small blind calls, and Qartomy folds.

The flop comes Heart KDiamond JClub 2, and the small blind check-calls 1,500 from Colman.

The turn is the Diamond 3, the small blind leads for 3,100, Colman raises to 8,200, the small blind reraises all in for about 27,000, and Colman calls with Heart JSpade J, having the hand locked up against his opponent’s Club ASpade K.

The Heart 3 river further improves Colman to a full house, and he scores the elimination.

Dan Colman – 68,000

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