Dan Heimiller Eliminated

Aug 23, 2014

Jason DeWitt raises to 1,300 from under the gun, Massoud Eskandari calls behind him, and Dan Heimiller reraises to 3,600 total. The player in the cutoff calls, and everyone else folds.

The two players check the [9s8c2c] flop.  The turn brings the [Qh] and Heimiller bets 3,000. His opponent calls.

The river brings the [6d] and Heimiller moves all-in for his last 5,125.  His opponent quickly calls, tabling [6s6h] for a rivered set of sixes.

"Gah," Heimiller exclaims as he shows his opponent [KcKd].

"You kept me in," Heimiller’s opponent explains. "You checked the flop."

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