Dan Murariu Doubles Through Anthony Zinno

Nov 6, 2014

Frederic Maniez raises to 7,500 preflop on the cutoff and Anthony Zinno calls on the small blind. Dan Murariu reraises all in for 64,500 on the big blind and Maniez folds. Zinno calls and the two players table their hands.

Murariu: [8d8s]
Zinno: [7s7c]

Board: [Jh5d4dKd3d]

Murariu wins the hand to double up and survive with 130,000 and Zinno drops to 95,000 after the hand.

Dan Murariu – 130,000 (43 bb)
Anthony Zinno – 95,000 (31 bb)

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