Dan Murariu Outlasts Three Others on a Tripped Board

Nov 5, 2014

Four players put in 2,000 each preflop to see a flop of [10d6s5h]. Sabina Hiatullah checks the small blind, Dan Murariu checks the big blind, and Barry Shulman (UTG+1) bets 5,000. Pascale Bendavid folds the button, and Hiatullah and Murariu both call.

The turn card pairs the board with the [10c], and all three players check.

The river card trips the board with the [10s], and Hiatullah bets 7,000. Murariu calls, and Shulman folds. Hiatullah shows [4c4d] for a full house, tens full of fours, but Murariu turns over [9h9s] to win the pot with a higher full house, tens full of nines.

Dan Murariu  –  133,000  (133 bb)
Barry Shulman  –  160,000  (160 bb)
Sabina Hiatullah  –  63,000  (63 bb)

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