Dan Murariu's Flush vs. Mike Linster's Set

Nov 6, 2014

Dan Murariu
With the board showing [Jc9s7c5h] on the turn, Dan Murariu (pictured) checks the big blind, Mike Linster bets about 35,000 from the cutoff, and Murariu calls.

The river card is the [3c], Murariu bets 69,000, and Linster calls with [7d7h] for a set of sevens. But Murariu turns over [Kc5c] to win the pot with a club flush to more than triple his stack from where it was about 10 minutes earlier.

Dan Murariu  –  365,000  (60 bb)
Mike Linster  –  335,000  (55 bb)

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