Dan Shak Eliminated in 38th Place by Alex Keating

Mar 1, 2016

Dan Shak

Alex Keating raises UTG+1 to 20,000, Dan Shak (pictured) reraises from middle position to about 80,000, and Keating moves all in.

Shak calls all in for about 320,000 with Diamond ADiamond 6, and Keating turns over Heart QDiamond Q. Shak needs to improve to stay alive.

The board comes Spade 9Heart 8Club 7Spade QSpade A — Shak flops an open-ended straight draw, but Keating turns a set of queens to win the pot and eliminate Shak from the tournament.

Alex Keating  –  740,000  (93 bb)
Dan Shak  –  Eliminated in 38th Place  ($25,630)

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