Dan Shak Out in 54th Place ($11,342)

Sep 17, 2014

Dan Shak

Dan Shak raises to 30,000 from middle position and Aaron Overton reraises to 69,000 from the hijack. Action gets back around to Shak, who responds with a reraises to 200,000 total.

Overton does not back down. Instead, he silently five-bets to 400,000 total. Shak announces he is all-in for around 750,000. Overton, who has Shak covered by about 75,000, calls.

Overton holds [AdAh], while Shak shows [QhJh]. Even though he trails, Shak is optimistic.

"You know, I have a feeling I am gonna win this hand."

Unfortunately for Shak, his gut was wrong in this instance, as the board ran out [8d7d5h10s4d] to send him home for the night.

Aaron Overton – 1,550,000 (129 bb)
Dan Shak – Eliminated in 54th place ($11,342)

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