Dan Shak Short After Bluff Gone Wrong

Jan 27, 2021

Dan Shak opens 2.5x on the button with Spade QSpade 7 and gets called by Jack Hardcastle with Club QHeart J in the big blind.

The Club 10Club KClub 8 flop sees a barrel from Shak and a check-call from Hardcastle. The Heart 9 turn and Spade 4 river see more of the same, with three barrel from Shak, the first for 6.4 million and the second for 12 million.

With a straight by the end, it’s an easy call for Hardcastle who closes in on 100,000,000 chips after winning the 46 million pot.

Jack Hardcastle – 95,777,072
Dan Shak – 15,964,394

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