Daniel Maor Doubles Thru Amir Lehavot

Oct 22, 2022

Daniel MaorPhoto:  Daniel Maor

Amir Lehavot raises to 50,000 from the cutoff, Daniel Maor three-bets to 185,000 from the small blind, and Lehavot calls.

The flop is Diamond KSpade 10Heart 5, Maor bets about 125,000, and Lehavot calls.

The turn is the Diamond 10, Maor checks, Lehavot bets 210,000, and Maor calls.

The river is the Spade 8, Maor checks, Lehavot moves all in for effectively 575,000-ish, and Maor uses two time-extensions before he calls all in.

“Good call,” says Lehavot, as he shows Heart ADiamond J.

Maor turns over Spade KClub Q for kings and tens to double up.

Daniel Maor  –  2,250,000  (90 bb)
Amir Lehavot  –  155,000  (6 bb)

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