Daniel Negreanu hits a death card on the turn.....

Apr 6, 2006

Daniel Negreanu (late position) preflop raises to 1500. Aaron March (big blind) calls.

The flop comes [5d7h10c].
March checks, Negreanu bets 2200, March calls.

The turn brought the [9d].
March bets 3200, Negreanu raises to 8400, March reraises to 23k, Negreanu goes all-in for another 10k, and March calls.

Negreanu asks,”Do you have a straight?”
“Yeah,” replied March.

Negreanu shows [9h9c].
March shows [8d6d].

The turn gave Negreanu a set of 9’s, but unfortunately for Negreanu, it also gave March a 10 high straight. Negreanu needs the board to pair (10 outs) in order to win the pot and stay alive.

The river [6c] does not pair the board and Negreanu is out.

As Negreanu leaves the table, he nicely says to March, “Good luck kid.”

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