Daniel Rezaei, Harrison Gimbel Both Fall to Nicholas Mahabee

Nov 25, 2023

Nicholas Mahabee
Photo:  Nicholas Mahabee

With around 25,000 in the pot on a flop of Spade KSpade 4Heart K, Daniel Rezaei bets 6,500 from the cutoff before Nicholas Mahabee raises to 31,000 in early position. Rezaei then moves all in for 54,000 and Mahabee calls.

Daniel Rezaei: Spade QHeart Q
Nicholas Mahabee: Diamond KSpade J

Rezaei’s queens trail the trip kings of Mahabee heading to the Club 8 turn. The Spade 5 river doesn’t help Rezaei and he is sent to the rail.

Mahabee raises to 4,500 under the gun the next hand, then calls when Harrison Gimbel moves all in for 51,000 in middle position.

Harrison Gimbel: Diamond JSpade J
Nicholas Mahabee: Spade AHeart Q

Gimbel remains in front on the Heart 7Heart 6Diamond 7 flop, but Mahabee makes two pair on the Club A turn to take the lead. The river is the Diamond 3 and Mahabee claims his second knockout in as many hands.

Nicholas Mahabee – 220,000 (110 bb)
Daniel Rezaei – Eliminated
Harrison Gimbel – Eliminated

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