Daniel Strelitz Doubles Up

Feb 28, 2016

On the turn with about 7,000 in the middle and the board reading Heart KHeart 8Diamond 4Club 7, the small blind bets 3,600 and Daniel Strelitz raises to 11,000 from early position. The small blind puts in a three-bet to 23,600 and Strelitz quickly announces “all in” for 28,900.

The small blind asks for a count and gets an exact count and then tosses in the additional 6,300. Strelitz shows Spade 7Heart 7, giving him a set of sevens and the small blind shakes his head and tries to muck his hand. He is forced to show his hand and the dealer exposes the Diamond 9Diamond 8, good for a pair of eights.

Strelitz doesn’t have to sweat a river, but the Heart 4 comes on the river anyway, improving Strelitz to a full house and earning a double up.

Daniel Strelitz – 65,800

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