Daniel Strelitz Gets a KO

Aug 24, 2014

The flop comes [7d5h4h] and a player in middle position checks. His opponent, Daniel Strelitz, bets 1,500.  The other player check-raises, making it 5,000 to play.  Strelitz takes a minute or two, then moves all-in, having the other player covered.  

The other player pushes his remaining 9,000 or so in the pot and shows [5c6c] for a pair and an open-ended straight draw.  Strelitz has [JdJh] for the overpair.

The turn brings the [Ac], keeping Strelitz out front. He stays there with the [9h] on the river, taking the pot and sending his opponent to the rail.

Daniel Strelitz – 63,500 

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