Danny Fuhs Turns Two Pair

Mar 7, 2016

Four players see a flop of Spade KDiamond JClub 7. The small blind checks and Shawn Buchanan checks from the big blind. The hijack bets 700 and Daniel Fuhs calls from the cutoff. The small blind calls and Buchanan folds, leaving three players to see the Spade 10 turn card.

The small blind leads out for 1,600 and the hijack folds. Fuhs calls from the cutoff and the Diamond 2 falls on the river. Both the small blind and Fuhs check. The small blind shows Heart QHeart 10, good for a pair of tens and a missed straight draw. Fuhs takes the pot with his Club JClub 10, giving him two pair.

Daniel Fuhs – 49,000

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