Danny Illingworth Eliminated by JC Tran

Aug 23, 2014

It is a battle of the blinds as Danny Illingworth and JC Tran see a flop of [AsJd8c]. Illingworth checks from the small blind, Tran bets 2,500 from the big blind, and Illingworth check-raises, flinging the majority of his 20,000 or so remaining chips in the pot. Tran moves all-in and Illingworth reluctantly calls.

Tran shows [AcJc] for top two pair, while Illingworth holds [AdKc].  Illingworth gets no help from the [4s] on the turn or the [8s] on the river and Tran takes the pot, eliminating Illingworth in the process.

JC Tran – 120,000
Danny Illingworth – eliminated 

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