Danny Illingworth Puts the Pressure on Matt Salsberg

Aug 23, 2014

Danny Illingworth enters the pot from middle position and the player in the cutoff makes it 1,025 to play.  Champion’s Club member Matt Salsberg is in the small blind and makes it 3,400 to play.

Action gets back to Illingworth, who reraises to 7,800.  The player in the cutoff folds and Salsberg takes some time before calling, leaving around 14,000 behind.

The flop comes [Ah7c5s] and Salsberg checks.  Illingworth bets 3,825 and Salsberg takes a couple of minutes and a couple of long glances at his hole cards before folding.

Danny Illingworth – 45,000
Matt Salsberg – 14,000

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