Danny Qutami Leaves Phil Hellmuth With Less Than Two Big Blinds

May 2, 2018

Phil Hellmuth_Bob Buckenmayer

Picking up the action after the turn of a Diamond KDiamond 10Club 3Diamond 4 board, Danny Qutami (hijack) check-calls 5,000 from Phil Hellmuth (pictured) on the button.

The river is the Diamond 3, Qutami bets 5,000, and Hellmuth calls after a few moments.

Qutami shows Diamond ADiamond 6 for an ace-high flush, Hellmuth mucks, and Qutami wins the pot.

Danny Qutami – 160,000
Phil Hellmuth – 1,700

Hellmuth was all in shortly thereafter, but managed to chop the pot to increase his stack to just more than three big blinds.

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