Darlene Lee Doubles Thru Joseph Drory

Sep 17, 2014

Darlene Lee

Joseph Drory limps in from under the gun and action folds to Darlene Lee in late position. She raises to 30,000, then Drory reraises to 60,000 total. Lee calls.

The flop comes [10c5h4s] and Drory bets 40,000. Lee takes a couple of minutes to think before moving all-in for her last 181,000. Drory calls with [JhJs] for the overpair. Lee shows [Ad10d] for top pair.

Drory’s hands fly to his head as he sees the [Ah] fall on the turn, putting Lee out front in the hand. The river pairs the board with the [As], and Lee takes the pot to double up.

Darlene Lee – 500,000 (50 bb)
Joseph Drory – 155,000 (16 bb) 

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