Darlene Lee Out in 66th Place ($8,438); Gaspard Nears 2M

Sep 17, 2014

Darlene Lee
After a flop of [Jh10d7d], Darlene Lee (pictured) bets 150,000 under the gun, and Jean Max Gaspard calls from the cutoff.

The turn card is the [9c], Lee moves all in, and Gaspard snap-calls with [8c7c] for a jack-high straight. Lee turns over [AsKh] for a gutshot straight draw, and shee needs a queen on the river to stay alive.

The river card is the [5c], and Gaspard wins the pot with his straight to eliminate Day 1B chipleader Darlene Lee from the tournament.

Jean Max Gaspard  –  1,925,000  (160 bb)
Darlene Lee  –  Eliminated in 66th Place  ($8,438)

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