Darren Elias Doubles Thru Allyn Shulman

Nov 6, 2014

Allyn Shulman opens to 4,500 from under the gun and Darren Elias three-bets from the small blind. Shulman calls to see a [Jh8h5s] flop.

Elias checks to Shulman who bets 15,000. After a few moments Elias check-raises to 42,000, Shulman reraises all in for 118,900 effective and Elias calls.

Elias: [AhAd]
Shulman: [AsJs]

The [Qc] turn and [3d] river lock up the double for Elias.

Darren Elias – 266,000 (133 bb)
Allyn Shulman – 46,000 (23 bb)

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