Darren Elias vs. Byron Kaverman

Sep 17, 2014

Darren Elias raises to 22,000 from under the gun, Dan Shak calls behind him, Aaron Overton calls from middle position, and Byron Kaverman calls from the cutoff.

The flop comes [Kh9d5c] and action checks to Kaverman, who bets 37,000.  Elias calls, while the other two players fold.

The turn is the [7c] and Elias checks again. Kaverman bets 65,000 and Elias calls.

The river is the [2c] and both players check. Kaverman starts to roll over his hand, but mucks as soon as he sees Elias’ [5h5s] for a set of fives.

Darren Elias – 980,000 (98 bb)
Byron Kaverman – 235,000 (24 bb) 

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