Datashvili Check Raises the River

Feb 29, 2016

David Datashvili raises to 200,000 and Andy Santiago calls. They go heads up to the Heart JDiamond 3Spade 5 flop and Datashvili bets 250,000. Santiago raises to 850,000 and Datashvili makes the call. Both players check when the Diamond A hits the turn. The river is the Diamond K and Datashvili checks.

Santiago slides out a stack of 1,200,000 and Datashvili goes into the tank. Santiago leans back in his seat and takes a sip of his water. After a few moments in the tank Datashvili check raises to 2,550,000 and Santiago instantly folds his hand. Datashvili earns the pot and takes a chunk of our former chip leaders stack.

David Datashvili- 7,100,000
Andy Santiago- 5,850,000

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