Dave Farah Eliminated in 4th Place ($227,077)

Sep 20, 2019

Elimination Dave Farah

Hand #127: Donald Maloney limps the small blind and Dave Farah (pictured) checks his option. Both players check the Diamond 7Spade QHeart 5 flop, and when the turn lands the Club 9, Maloney checks.

Farah bets 600,000 and Maloney announces he is all in. Farah calls all in for 3,600,000, and the cards are tabled.

Maloney: Diamond 5Club 5
Dave Farah: Club QHeart 7

The river lands the Heart 3 and Farah is eliminated in fourth place for a $227,077 payday.

David Maloney – 14,650,000
Dave Farah – Eliminated in 4th Place ($227,077)

Elimination Dave Farah

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