David Chiu Eliminated by Nam Le

Apr 22, 2016

David Chiu
David Chiu moves all in for his last 7,900 and Taylor Paur called behind him. Action folds to Nam Le on the button and he uses two of his time bank chips before sliding out all but 500 of his 43,500-chip stack.

Action gets around to Paur who asks Le first how much he has and second, “How many time banks do you have left?” Le shows he still has two. Paur then uses three of his time banks one after the other before eventually folding.

Le shows Heart QSpade Q and Chiu holds Heart KHeart J. The queens hold as the board runs out Spade 9Club 8Heart 7Diamond 2Spade A and Chiu is eliminated.

Nam Le – 61,000 (76 bb)
David Chiu – Eliminated

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