David Chiu Out in 20th Place ($14,025)

Aug 27, 2014

Keven Stammen is on the button and raises to 32,000. Andy Frankenberger is in the big blind and reraises to around 90,000. Stammen folds.

The very next hand, Stammen raises to 32,000 from the cutoff. David Chiu is on the button and reraises to 76,000. Stammen gives it some thought, then calls.

The flop comes [9h7s4s] and Stammen checks.

"One hundred sixty-nine thousand," Chiu announces as he tosses out one chip to indicate he is all-in.

Stammen calls immediately, tabling [Jc9c] for a pair of nines. Chiu is out front with [QsQc].

Seconds later, the dealer brings the [Jd] on the turn, giving Stammen two pair and the advantage in the hand.  The river is the [As] and the pot goes to Stammen.

"I know," Stammen tells Chiu. "I’m blowing up."

"Sorry David," Stammen continues. "I tried."

Chiu accepts his elimination with a smile on his face, wishes the table well, and heads for the payout desk, leaving Stammen and Frankenberger as the only Champions Club members left in the field.

Keven Stammen – 545,000 (34 bb)
David Chiu – Eliminated in 20th place ($14,025) 

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