David ODB Baker vs. Sorel Mizzi

Jan 12, 2020

David ODB Baker

In a hand that played into the break, the flop reads Club ADiamond 8Club 3 when David ODB Baker (pictured) bets 28,000 from the button, and Sorel Mizzi check-calls under the gun. The turn falls Spade 5, Baker bets 50,000, and Mizzi check-calls again.

The river delivers the Heart 3, Baker bets 88,000, and Mizzi check-calls one last time. Baker flips over Spade ASpade 8, and Mizzi folds his cards. Mizzi is down to 112,000, and Baker stacks up 665,000.

David ODB Baker – 665,000 (166 bb)
Sorel Mizzi – 112,000 (28 bb)

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