David Ormsby Doubles Thru Jesse Sylvia

Apr 8, 2017

David Ormsby

Jonathan Jaffe raises UTG+1 to 10,000, Jonathan Little reraises from middle position to 24,000, Jesse Sylvia reraises from the button to 61,000, and David Ormsby (pictured) cold-five-bets all in from the small blind for 156,500.

Jaffe and Little both fold, and Sylvia calls with Heart QDiamond Q. Ormsby turns over Diamond KClub K, and needs his hand to hold to stay alive.

The board comes Heart JDiamond 9Diamond 5Diamond 2Spade 10, and the pocket kings hold up for Ormsby to win the pot and double up in chips. After the hand, Little says he folded pocket jacks.

David Ormsby  –  320,500  (80 bb)
Jesse Sylvia  –  175,000  (44 bb)

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