David Ormsby vs. Patrick Blye

Feb 23, 2016

Soren Turkewitsch raises to 80,000 preflop under the gun and David Ormsby calls in late position. Patrick Blye calls on the small blind and Robert Forbes calls on the big blind. The first three cards are dealt Heart 9Spade 9Diamond 3 and Ormsby bets 140,000. Blye calls and Forbes and Turkewitsch both fold. The turn falls Diamond A and both players check. The river delivers the Club 2 and Byle checks. Ormsby bets 220,000 and Blye folds. Orsmby is up to 2,270,000 after the hand and Blye is down to 980,000.

David Ormsby – 2,270,000 (94 bb)
Patrick Blye – 980,000 (32 bb)

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