David Peat Eliminated

Apr 20, 2009

David Peat has spent most of today in Bobby’s Room playing high-stakes cash games, but he just returned to spend some time (not a lot) in the WPT World Championship. 

Peat’s first hand back, he is in the big blind, and gets a walk. (No more stealing his blind uncontested, guys!) 

In his second hand, Jonathan Aguiar raises from the button to 2,400, and Peat moves all in from the small blind to 75,000. Aguiar snap-calls with A-8 offsuit, and Peat shows 6-5 offsuit. 

The board bricks out, and Jonathan Aguiar wins the pot. David Peat is eliminated from the tournament, and can now return to his cash game. 

Jonathan Aguiar  –  191,000
David Peat  –  Eliminated

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