David Peters Doubles Through Eli Berg

May 6, 2018

David Peters

David Peters (pictured) checks from the small blind on a flop of Heart 8Heart 3Spade 2 and Cary Katz checks the big blind. Nick Schulman bets 16,000 in the cutoff and Eli Berg calls on the button.

Peters raises to 54,000 and gets folds from Katz and Schulman. Berg uses a time chip and then shoves for 192,500 effective. Peters double-checks his cards and calls with Heart 6Heart 5 for a combo draw.

Berg has an overpair Heart 9Diamond 9 and the Heart 4 turn puts Peters in the lead. The Club 5 completes the board and Peters doubles up.

David Peters – 440,000
Eli Berg – 230,000

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