David Pham Back Above Starting Stack

Nov 29, 2023

Action goes four ways to a flop of Club QClub 10Heart 2 and everybody checks to David Pham, who bets 2,100 on the button. Two players call.

The turn is the Diamond 6 and action checks to Pham again, who goes all in for 11,200. Everybody folds and he takes down the pot.

On the following hand, the lojack opens to 1,100 and Pham three-bets to 3,500 in the cutoff. Action folds back to the lojack, who calls, and the flop lands Diamond JClub JSpade 8. The lojack checks and Pham announces he’s all in for his opponent’s effective stack of 16,500. 

The lojack thinks for a few moments and lets his hand go, earning Pham his second pot in as many hands and bringing him back above the 25K starting stack.

David Pham – 27,000 (67 bb)

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