David Pham Sees a Chop

Jan 22, 2022

David Pham

David Pham is in the cutoff and three-bets to 1,900 over an open from the hijack. The big blind cold-calls, as does the hijack.

The flop comes Club 9Heart 3Diamond Q and action checks to Pham, who continuation-bets 2,900. The big blind folds and the hijack calls.

Action goes heads up to the turn Spade 8 and both players check, bringing the river Spade 4. The hijack bets 2,400 and Pham raises to 5,500, sending his opponent into the tank. He eventually finds a call and the hand is taken to showdown.

Pham shows Club KSpade Q and his opponent turns over the Diamond KHeart Q for the two to chop up the pot.

David Pham – 44,000 (146 bb)

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