David Pham vs. Barry Hutter

Apr 25, 2021

David Pham

Barry Hutter (big blind) and David Pham (early position) both put in 140,000 on a flop of Spade KDiamond JDiamond 5.

Hutter checks the Heart 3 on the turn, Pham bets 190,000 and Hutter check-calls. The river brings the Club Q, and Hutter check-calls a 345,000 bet from Pham.

Pham shows Club JSpade J, and Hutter mucks his hand. Pham holds 1,900,000 after the hand, and Hutter is at 250,000.

David Pham – 1,900,000 (95 bb)
Barry Hutter – 250,000 (12 bb)

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