David Prociak Eliminated by Shalom Elharar

Jan 18, 2020

David Prociak

On a board of Heart 2Spade 8Diamond QClub 2, action checks through to the button who bets 7,000.

Shalom Elharar check-raises from the big blind to 15,200, and David Prociak (pictured) thinks for a little before moving all in from the hijack for 22,400.

Gregory Back folds the cutoff, and once the button folds, Elharar calls.

Prociak: Club QClub 8
Elharar: Club JDiamond 2

The river is the Diamond 6, and Prociak is eliminated.

Shalom Elharar – 99,500
Gregory Back – 43,300
David Prociak – Eliminated

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