David Randall Out in 9th Place ($69,630)

Mar 13, 2014

David Randall
David Randall (pictured) raises from the cutoff to 75,000, and Shaun Suller calls from the big blind. 

The flop comes [4h4s3c], Suller checks, Randall bets 100,000, and Suller check-raises to 350,000. Randall calls.

The turn card trips the board with the [4d], Suller bets 300,000, and Randall calls. The river card is the [6s], and Suller moves all in.

Randall tanks for a while before he calls all in for 1,050,000. Suller turns over [AdAs] to win the pot with a full house, fours full of aces, and Randall mucks as he is eliminated in ninth place.

Shaun Suller  –  4,755,000  (158 bb)
David Randall  –  Out in 9th Place  ($69,630)

Photo (Below): David Randall (right) contemplates whether or not to call all-in for his tournament life after Shaun Suller (left) moved all in.

David Randall elimination 4

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