David Sands Eliminated in 11th Place by Sam Soverel

Mar 2, 2016

David Doc Sands

David “Doc” Sands (pictured) completes the small blind to 24,000, and Sam Soverel checks his option in the big blind. The flop comes Diamond 8Diamond 5Club 2, Sands checks, Soverel bets 25,000, and Sands check-raises to 84,000. Soverel calls.

The turn card is the Diamond 9, Sands bets 115,000, and Soverel moves all in for 331,000.

Sands thinks for about 40 seconds before he calls with Club JSpade 8 (pair of eights), and Soverel turns over Diamond QDiamond 10 (diamond flush). Sands is drawing dead.

The meaningless river card is the Club 6, and Soverel wins the pot with his diamond flush to eliminate David Sands in 11th place.

Sam Soverel  –  1,465,000  (61 bb)
David Sands  –  Eliminated in 11th Place  ($70,480)

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