David Williams Shows the Bluff vs. Stephen Graner

Aug 26, 2014

In a batte of the blinds with the flop reading [KsTc4c], Stephen Graner checks from the small blind and David Williams bets about 7,500 from the big blind.

Graner calls, the [Ah] hits the turn and Graner checks to Williams again who bets 18,000. After a few moments Graner calls to see the [7s] river, which he checks. Williams announces all in (for roughly 69,000) and sends Graner into the tank for about three minutes before he folds.

Williams whows [8c3c] for a missed flush draw as he collects the pot.

David Williams – 136,000 (113 bb)
Stephen Graner – 88,000 (73 bb)

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