Day 1A Of The WPT World Championship Kicks Off At 11 AM

Dec 12, 2023

Eliot Hudon Wins the WPT World Championship-34
Photo: Eliot Hudon

After a full year of waiting, The second iteration of the WPT $10,300 World Championship at Wynn in Las Vegas, Nevada kicks off today at 11 AM.

Last year, Eliot Hudon beat Benny Glaser heads up to take down a career best score of $4,136,000. With the largest prize pool guarantee in the history of poker at $40 million, the newest champion will take home an even larger score than this. 

2022 WPT World Championship Results

  1. Eliot Hudon – $4,136,000
  2. Benny Glaser – $2,830,000
  3. Jean-Claude Moussa – $2,095,000
  4. Adam Adler – $1,608,000
  5. Frank Funaro – $1,301,000
  6. Colton Blomberg – $1,001,500

Players will begin the tournament with 100,000 in chips. Blinds will begin at 300/500 with a 500 big blind ante. Blinds will last one hour each with a 15-minute break occurring at the conclusion of every two levels. Players will go on a 75-minute dinner break at the conclusion of Level 6, after which players will play until the conclusion of Level 10 before bagging up for the day, set to return on Saturday, December 16th. 

Stay tuned to for continued coverage of The World Championship.  

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