Day 1b of the Main Event Kicks Off at 2 pm!

Jan 11, 2020

S18 WPTDS  Berlin

After 182 entries yesterday, today it starts all over again as Day 1b of the Main Event gets underway shortly.

Today, the tournament will start at the earlier time of 2 pm, here at the historic Casino Spielbank Berlin. Then later this evening, at 10 pm, there will be the third and final flight. Day 1c features reduced 20-minute blinds but that is the only difference.

Once again, players receive 30,000 chips in exchange for their €1,200 buy-in. There are 12 40-minute levels on the clock and late registration closes at the start of Level 10 (around 11:40 pm). Breaks take place every two hours, at the end of every third level.

There are multiple re-entries allowed in each, which means countless opportunities to vie for the title. Currently, Luc Glodt is the one to catch as he finished top in the chips counts yesterday after bagging 253,500.

Once the Day 1s have wrapped, all those who have survived will combine to play Day 2 tomorrow, Sunday January 12. That will start at 2 pm, with blinds increasing to 60 minutes long. Levels will continue to be one-hour long on the third and Final Day until play reaches heads up, when they will be reduced to 30 minutes.

Be sure to stay tuned to for live coverage of today’s action as it unfolds.

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