Day 1B of WPT Legends of Poker Begins at 1:00 pm PT

Aug 24, 2014

Past WPT Legends Champions - Andy Frankenberger Will Failla Josh Hale Jordan Cristos 3
Photo: The most recent four WPT Legends of Poker champions — Andy Frankenberger (2010), Will Failla (2011), Josh Hale (2012), and Jordan Cristos (2013) — gathered together on Day 1A for a group interview. None of them survived the day.

WPT Legends of Poker kicked off yesterday with 156 entrants on Day 1A, and after 10 levels of play, there were 52 players who survived to Day 2.

Randy Bowie led the field with 217,800, and received a free pair of Monster DNA Pro Headphones for finishing as the Day 1A chipleader. The chipleaders today (Day 1B) and tomorrow (Day 1C) will also receive a free pair of Monster DNA Pro Headphones.

Day 1B begins today at 1:00 pm, and since this is a $3,700 re-entry event, players who busted yesterday have the option of playing again today and/or tomorrow on Day 1C. As an additional wrinkle, players may pay $10,000 to enter at the start of Day 2 with 72,000 in chips (60 big blinds).

The field will play 10 60-minute levels today, with a 45-minute dinner break after Level 6. (There will be a free buffet for the players right next to the tournament area.) Action should end shortly before 12:30 am.

Stay tuned to for live updates and chip counts throughout the day.

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