Day 3 of WPT Legends of Poker Begins at 1:00 pm PT

Aug 27, 2014

Wild Bill Hickok Trophy
Photo: This trophy featuring Wild Bill Hickok will go to the winner, along with hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The field of 593 entrants is down to 67 as the WPT Legends of Poker begins Day 3 at 1:00 pm this afternoon.

Day 1 chipleader Nick Grippo was poised to finish Day 2 with the chip lead in one of the final hands of the night. Grippo got it all in preflop with pocket kings against Chris Tolone’s pocket queens. But the cards were in Tolone’s favor, as he flopped a set and rivered quads to win the biggest pot of the tournament and finish with 982,000 in chips.

The next two players on the leaderboard — Richard Munro (756,000) and Tyler Cornell (622,000) — show just how large Tolone’s lead is.

The final 54 players will finish in the money, guaranteed at least $8,630. The schedule for Day 3 is to play seven 90-minute levels.

Stay tuned to for live updates and chip counts throughout the day as they play their way toward a televised WPT Final Table.

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